Banks receive remittance Tk 630cr till June in Chandpur

Published : 07 Jul 2020 09:57 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 12:47 PM
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Chandpur bank received remittances of Tk. 630 crore till June. Chandpur is one of the most commercial, agricultural and fish producing areas of the country. The communication system is also much improved. Four banks of Chandpur have earned foreign remittances of Tk. 630.98 crore and earned Tk. 57.66 crore till June of 2019-20 fiscal year.

According to the regional office of the concerned bank, the 28 branches of Krishi Bank have earned Tk. 29.30 crore till June 2020 and earned Tk 110 crore through foreign remittances. Sonali Bank has made a profit of Tk. 13 crore and 10 lakh and foreign remittances of Tk. 90 crore and 89 lakh in 20 branches till June.

Agrani Bank has made a profit of Tk. 7 crore and 55 lakh in 20 branches till June and earned foreign remittance of Tk. 288 crore and 32 lakh. As of June, Janata Bank has earned Tk. 7.71 crore in 17 branches and earned Tk. 141.77 crore through foreign remittances.

According to sources in the Chandpur Manpower and Employment Office 260,000 Chandpur workers are working in different countries of the world, including the Middle East. They send remittances from their workplaces to their nearest relatives through bank branches. However, this time around, due to the deadly corona, the foreign remittance sector in different countries of the world has been greatly affected, the rate of achievement has decreased a lot, said the concerned bank officials.

The expatriates of Chadpur send these remittances every month to various financial institutions internationally and through various agencies approved by Bangladesh Bank. Some banks are also transacting money and giving money only through a secret PIN number.

Gitarani Majumder, Assistant General Manager, Agrani Bank, told them, “The bank is able to pay the desired amount to its customers within minutes of the expatriates sending money.”

The wheel of the country’s economy is turning with the money sent by the expatriates. Liquidity flow is being created among the banks. It is having a positive impact on the business organizations. At present, Agrani Bank is collecting money through booths and also disbursing new loans.

An official of Sonali Bank said, “The bank receives benefits from various types of government social service allowances, deposits, remittances, and various types of accounts, service charges, DD commissions and TT commissions.”

Sonali Bank provides 28 customer services. However, in many countries of the world, our remittance fighters are not able to send remittances due to the pandemic outbreak.