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Banglalink expands network coverage by 50pc in Chattogram Division

Published : 18 Oct 2022 03:29 PM

 Banglalink has expanded its network coverage in Chattogram division by 50 percent in the last year as part of its nationwide network expansion drive. The deployment of its new spectrum from the 2.3 GHz band with Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology has also kicked off in the division. Banglalink customers in this region will enjoy two times faster internet speed as a result of the technical advancements.

Banglalink’s current network expansion drive is aimed at enabling customers from every region of the country to unlock the benefits of its fastest 4G network and quality digital services. Over 3200 newBase Transceiver Stations (BTS) of Banglalink have been built in the last nine months. It also launched next generation 4G with new spectrum from the 2.3 GHz band using Time Division Duplex (TDD) technologyas the first operator in the country last month.

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Honorable Mayor, Chattogram City Corporation, said, “I appreciate Banglalink’s ongoing drive to expand its network coverage in our division. This kind of initiative will strengthen the technological infrastructure in Chattogram that we have built over the years. I hope that Banglalink will continue to support us in digitally advancing Chattogram this way in the future.”

Shyam Sunder Sikder, Chairman, BTRC, said, “Banglalink is making steady development, extending its network to various parts of the country, and providing top-notch digital services. Their work is completely in line with the government's goal of putting cutting-edge digital infrastructure everywhere in Bangladesh. We wish them continued success and stand ready to offer whatever assistance we can.”

KaanTerzioglu, Group Chief Executive Officer, VEON, said, “VEON has already achieved the target of double-digit growth in Bangladesh. In order to sustain this growth trend, we are investing heavily in our network inkey regions such as Chattogram. Ourongoing endeavor is expected to yield positive results, enhancing Banglalink’s quality of services further.”

Erik Aas, Chief Executive Officer, Banglalink, said, “As part of our effort to transform into a truly national operator, we are expanding our strong 4G network at a rapid pace. Chattogram is a key part of our expansion plan because of its national significance as a commercial hub. Both local customers and enterprises will reap the benefits of our expanded network coverage in this division.”

Following the press conference, the Honorable Mayor visited Banglalink’s kiosks, and experienced its fastest mobile internet along with different digital services such as Toffee, HealthHub and AppLink.