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Bangladeshi terrorist Maxon held in Kolkata

Published : 07 Feb 2022 10:06 PM | Updated : 08 Feb 2022 02:58 PM

India's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Monday nabbed a Bangladeshi criminal who was accused of 11 murder cases in Bangladesh.

Indian law enforcers arrested him from near his house in Kolkata, after a six-month-long manhunt, Indian media reports.

He was identified as Nurnabi Maxon alias Tamal Chowdhury. He was arrested from a locality in north Kolkata. He had been staying with a woman who he claimed was his wife.

Sources said the CID had been on the lookout for Maxon following a tip-off from the Rapid Action Battalion of Bangladesh after he escaped to West Bengal in June, last year.

Maxon, who reportedly has 18 criminal cases against him in Bangladesh -- including 11 relating to murder -- went abroad using an Indian passport along with an associate to work as a mason.

CID interrogated the notorious criminal. Maxon allegedly came to India and made a passport with name Tamal Chowdhury. According to CID sources, the passport was valid from July 15, 2021 to July 14, 2031.

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He fled from Bangladesh to Oman. He used to work as a painter in Oman. But Nur fled the Oman airport a few years ago after his partner Sarwar was caught there. During the first lockdown, he moved to the New Market area in Kolkata. After coming here, he changed his name to Tamal Chowdhury. He used to sell fish in New Market. According to CID sources, the house is being searched and interrogated to find out if there is any connection with any terrorist group.

Exciting information came up during the interrogation of CID. Tamal Chowdhury was introduced to a woman in Madhyamgram. After living with the woman in the Dunlop area of BT Road, they were renting seven thousand rupees. According to CID sources, Maxon was an arms dealer in Bangladesh. There are also cases against him in several police stations in Bangladesh under various sections.

In Bangladesh, RAB was looking for him. And because of that he fled to Oman. But a few days later, his partner Sarwar was caught there. Then Maxon fled to India. Incidentally, the CID arrested the notorious miscreant 

After receiving information from a secret source, the CID conducted a raid and arrested him. Several documents including cash, passport (in the name of Tamal Chowdhury), voter card, PAN card and Aadhar card were recovered from his house. RAB has been searching for this notorious mischief in Bangladesh for many years..

According to the sources, Maxon could face prosecution in India on the charges of making a passport on the basis of forged documents. Otherwise, he is likely to be handed over to Bangladesh soon since it was the RAB which had alerted the Indian police about him.

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