Bangladeshi students offer environmental solutions at international summit on SDGs

Bangladeshi students have joined the ‘AAEE x ENVIRONMENT ~ UNITE Bangladesh, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam’ programme to offer solutions to the global problems at an international summit on SDGs.

The final event of the weeklong discussion, brainstorming and research will be held on Sunday between 10am and 12.30pm Bangladesh time.

The participants are divided into five different groups - fire, water, air, soil, and life - by their interests in order to deliver a 15-minute presentation during the final event.

Regardless of having been host to more than 30 international summits, UNITE is the first programme to see students from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Japan discuss online for a week, in a clash of ideas, cultures, and values.

This project was planned completely by student organisers from the four nations and with the supervision of professors from different countries, including Prof. Seki, president of the organisation.

In the programme, participants will choose a particular environmental issue they are concerned with after brainstorming about five categories - air, water, soil, fire, and life.

Now, the final goal is for international teams to come up with a solution which is possible and creative.

Moreover, the final event, which will be a chance for participants to show the results of the research and guests to learn new insights about the environment, will have each team receive feedback from Kuwajima, Senior Director, JTEKT North America Corporation.

Online International Exchange Program which aims:

- For students from four different countries to come up with a solution which is creative and possible in response to an environmental issue;

- For students to interact in a meaningful way;

- To encourage students to understand the situation of the theme "Environment" and start acting towards a solution;

- To deepen knowledge on specific topic about environment by utilizing diverse perspectives from other participants.