Bangladeshi Eid films global premier

Published : 21 Apr 2024 09:51 PM

This Eid-ul-Fitr, the global cinematic landscape is ablaze with excitement as a diverse array of films fascinates audiences worldwide. Leading the charge is "Rajkumar," directed by Himel Ashraf and headlined by the incomparable Shakib Khan. Following a triumphant domestic release, the film has crossed borders to enchant audiences in 75 theaters across the United States and Canada since April 19, courtesy of international distributor Swapna Scarecrow. Alongside Khan, Courtney Coffey's stellar performance, along with Tariq Anam Khan and Mahiya Mahi's contributions, has further elevated the film's appeal.

Adding to the Eid fervor are three releases showcasing the versatile Sariful Razz. Among them, "Omar," helmed by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz, promises an engaging narrative set to captivate audiences in India and beyond from April 26. The film's journey unfolds with premieres in multiplexes across approximately 20 states in the US, gradually expanding nationwide until May 12. Swedish audiences can anticipate the film's release on April 28, while Canadian fans eagerly await screenings in major cities from May 10, courtesy of international distributor Bioscope Films.

Simultaneously, "Deyaler Desh," directed by Mishuk Moni, adds to the Eid festivities with its release in Australia from May 3. Featuring an ensemble cast including Shobnom Bubly and Swagata, the film promises a riveting cinematic experience.

Notably, Star Cineplex's unveiling of its top five Eid movies for the first week places "Rajkumar" at the pinnacle, while "Deyaler Desh" secures a commendable second spot. This reaffirms the widespread acclaim and anticipation surrounding these cinematic gems. As Eid celebrations continue, film enthusiasts can revel in the diverse stories and captivating performances offered by these cinematic masterpieces. From gripping dramas to heartwarming tales, these films promise to entertain and enthrall audiences of all ages, uniting communities in the joy of cinema during this festive season.

It's exciting to see Bangladeshi films making their mark on the global cinematic landscape, and I can't wait to watch "Rajkumar" and "Deyaler Desh." I'm also intrigued by the promising storyline of "Omar" and can't wait to see how Sariful Razz performs in it. It's heartening to see such talented actors and directors bringing their stories to the screen, and I'm sure these films will offer a memorable cinematic experience for audiences.