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Bangladesh TT team qualify quarterfinal

Published : 31 Jul 2022 08:18 PM

Table Tennis team is most successful team among all the Bangladesh team in the ongoing Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games when they qualify in the quarterfinal.

Apart from table tennis, there were nothing impressive result came from any events when Boxing and weight lifting (91 Kg category) was ousted from the first round, men’s gymnast Ali Kader created chances to move into the last eight, finally failed to cross the group hurdle. In some of the disciplines of the swimmers disappointed much failing to survive the heat and even finished last among the compotators.   

Boxer Shura Krishna Chakma disappointed most when he could not even enter into the ring, as he was suffering high blood pressure prior to go play.

However, it was not expected that Bangladesh would won gold or even any bronze medal in the ongoing Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, but the contingent certainly came here with the targets to achieve something better.

It is very much reality that Bangladesh is far away from that destination and will have to go long way to set target to win medal in this stage, because relatively the overall sports culture of the country yet to reach at that height.

If it would be considered the facilities and the overall surroundings where the world class athletes prepare themselves for the top level competitions, the athletes of Bangladesh can only dream to have that kind of atmosphere to prepare them.

But as they are taking part in the competition, certainly there have objectives to gain something from the games, as the officials and the participants of respective disciplines put across about their object before to leave the country.

This time also they explained about their preparations for the games and what they would achieve from the competition.

As they are very much comprehend about their ability, never utter any word about the expectation to win medal but to do something decent.

So there is nothing to be disappointed if the athletes fail to win medals but they would have to do impressive results that would be a satisfactory and obviously respectable for all.