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Covid-19 Recovery

Bangladesh top in S Asia, 5th in world

Published : 07 May 2022 11:03 PM | Updated : 08 May 2022 01:05 PM

Bangladesh is at the top of the Coronavirus recovery index in South Asia and fifth among 121 countries in the world.

Bangladesh has achieved this rank in the latest edition of ‘Nikkei's Covid-19 Recovery Index’ published by Japan-based company Nikkei Asia on Thursday. 

Bangladesh is at the top of the index with the highest 80 points among the South Asian countries. Nepal is the sixth in the region after Bangladesh. It is followed by Pakistan at 23rd, Sri Lanka at 31st and India at 70th.

Coronavirus infections and deaths have decreased in Bangladesh in recent months. Bangladesh on Saturday reported zero Covid-19 death in the past 24 hours while it recorded 10 coronavirus positive cases during the same period.

In the 24 hours till Friday morning, 19 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the country. No deaths were reported at the time. No one died from Coronavirus for 16 consecutive days. Earlier, in March, Bangladesh was ranked 13th in the world in the Covid Cure Index.

According to the index, Qatar tops the list of 121 countries in the world. It is followed by the United Arab Emirates, Cambodia and Rwanda, and Bangladesh in fifth place. 

The index assesses countries and regions on infection management, vaccine rollouts and social mobility. The higher the ranking, the closer a place is to recovery, characterized by lower infection and death rates, better inoculation coverage, as well as fewer movement restrictions. 

Earlier this year, daily infections in Asia accounted for almost two-thirds of the world’s total. However, since mid-October, the region's case count has been gradually decreasing even as the global tally rises anew. By the end of November, Asia accounted for about 15 percent of the world’s total. 

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