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Bangladesh’s Pakistan visit in limbo due to coronavirus

Published : 04 Mar 2020 06:27 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:29 PM

Bangladesh last-phase tour of Pakistan might be in jeopardy after schools in Sindh have been directed to remain closed till March 13 to ensure that the isolation period of the suspected cases could be completed after a second person was confirmed to have been infected with the corona virus, reports agencies.

According to Bangladesh Cricket Board officials they will contact with counterparts in the Pakistan Cricket Board in order to get a better picture of the entire situation and if there is any kind of threat, they are not willing to send their team to Pakistan

“For us player’s safety comes as our first priority and we are not going to compromise with it at any cost,” said BCB media committee chairman Jalal Yunus on Tuesday.

“We will talk with PCB in this regard and if we see that there is any threat than certainly not send our team to Pakistan but at the moment it is too early to make a decision in this regard as we still have time in our hand,” he said.

Coronavirus is now another name for worldwide panic. Various countries around the world are taking various effective steps to protect themselves against this deadly virus. Countries in Europe have cancelled all programs that are large or crowded. As a step, all the schools, colleges and educational institutions in Sindh province of Karachi have announced the closure till March 13. Recently, several Pakistani nationals returned to Karachi after traveling to Iran. Many of these returning Pakistanis suffer from coronavirus. 

Coronavirus has been found in Pakistan this month. The country’s news media reported the news. After January 15, 738 passengers from Iran entered Pakistan via Karachi's Jinnah Airport. It is believed that coronavirus has entered Pakistan from them.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) scheduled meeting in Dubai has also been cancelled due to the Coronavirus terror. And where Karachi has declared all the schools and colleges off for the second phase of time in this terror then why should Bangladesh play cricket there.