Bangladesh Press Photo Contest exhibition till July 26

Published : 10 Jul 2024 09:58 PM

The "Bangladesh Press Photo Contest 2024" exhibition has opened its doors at DrikPath Bhobon in Dhaka, showcasing the finest examples of Bangladeshi photojournalism. Running daily from 3pm to 8pm until July 26, 2024, the exhibition is curated by ASM Rezaur Rahman, offering a profound glimpse into the diverse narratives of Bangladesh through captivating imagery.

The event's inauguration, held in the bustling eighth-floor gallery of DrikPath Bhobon, marks the third edition of this celebrated local event. ASM Rezaur Rahman's curation focuses on letting the photographs speak for themselves, eschewing captions on the gallery walls. The images depict poignant moments of resilience, environmental impact, and everyday life, encouraging introspection and dialogue among viewers.

One of the exhibition's standout features is the Indigenous Community Grant, which supports photographers from marginalized backgrounds. This year, Denim Chakma from Rangamati received the grant, highlighting stories from indigenous communities. Additionally, the exhibition proudly displays the work of last year's grant recipient, Paddmini Chakma, whose evocative series "Do You Really See Me?" continues to resonate deeply with visitors. Reflecting on the significance of the grant, Paddmini Chakma expressed gratitude, emphasizing its pivotal role in initiating her project. "If I hadn't received this grant, I wouldn't even have started this project! And I am immensely grateful to my mentor, Jannatul Mawa," she shared with The Daily Star.

The exhibition not only celebrates the art of photojournalism but also aims to broaden perspectives by showcasing stories beyond the Dhaka-centric narrative. ASM Rezaur Rahman remarked, "It's refreshing to see local stories told through the lenses of photographers from all corners of Bangladesh."

Visitors are invited to experience these compelling narratives firsthand at DrikPath Bhobon, offering a unique opportunity to engage with the visual stories that define Bangladesh today.