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Bangladesh potentials for int’l aviation hub bright

Published : 11 May 2023 12:49 AM

Bangladesh has the potentials to become one of the world’s international aviation hubs in the near future.

State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mahbub Ali made this comment at the inauguration ceremony of various developmental work of the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) on Wednesday. 

Civil Aviation and Tourism Secretary Mokammel Hossain spoke at the function with CAAB Chairman Air Vice Marshal M Mafidur Rahman in the chair. 

The minister inaugurated three Apps of CAAB. The three Apps which were launched by the state minister are --- HSIA Digital Airport Service App for passengers, AvSec ID System to increase airport security, and Height Clearance Management System to facilitate building construction around the airport. 

HazratShahjalalInternational Airport inaugurated a mobile application called Digital Airport Service for easy and modern support for international passengers departing and arriving at the International Airport, 

Meanwhile, the minister said that the government’s efforts to make the country’s air service easier and better are continuing, which is visible. The tourism and aviation sector of this country is gradually developing.

He said, “The image of this sector is changing rapidly due to the efforts of the government. I believe this industry will play an important role in building a developed Bangladesh in 2024, a smart Bangladesh in 2041 and a prosperous Bangladesh in 2075.

The app has been developed by Prime Tech Solutions Ltd, Spinoff Studio and Innovazione Technologies JV with the support of ICT Division’s Mobile Game and Skill Development Project.

AsadujjamanAsad, founder of Spinoff Studio, said that this mobile app is capable of providing all types of information and directions to assist and serve a passenger.

It will provide specific instructions for all the steps to be taken at the airport for expatriate Bangladeshi workers.

After having good idea about each step, one can complete all the tasks without any assistance. In other words, this app will make every passenger a smart traveler, he said.

He also said using this app, a passenger can receive visible instructions which direction to take and where to go inside the airport.

Voice assistance can be used to obtain specific information and directions in both Bengali and English.

In addition, information on the status of each flight, names and contacts of airlines, items prohibited for transportation, etc. can be obtained.

Another tech titled ‘AvSec ID System was inaugurated to enhance the security of the airport.

It will function universally to improve access control and security measures at the airport.

The Height Clearance Management apps will provide safety and security measures for flight operation and clearance at all airports in the country.

One can apply for building construction through this app, which will be quickly verified and a clearance certificate will be issued, said CAAB Chairman Mafidur Rahman.

He said the technology will be set up at other airports soon.