Bangladesh kicks off Covid vaccination programme

Proper policies needed to make the vaccination drive successful

The country has launched its largest immunization campaign on Wednesday with its first coronavirus vaccination for medical workers and government officials, following a gift of 5 million doses from India. Runu Veronika Costa, a senior staff nurse, received the first jab.

Followed by Runu, four more government officials- Dr Ahmed Lutful Moben, Prof Dr Nasima Sultana, police officer Didarul Islam and Brigadier General M Imran Hamid were vaccinated. Now the stage is set for a nationwide vaccination campaign, which is scheduled to start from February 7.

The phases of vaccination drive should be well planned 

with clear vision; this will ultimately bring sigh of relief 

after nearly a year of suffering

Despite several logistical challenges which the administration is likely to face, this moment is still a historical one. It is a moment of joy and celebration. When most people of the country are still struggling to receive corona vaccines, our government made a diplomatic move with our neighbour India to strike this historical deal, which will ultimately benefit our nation.

Experts opine that to make the vaccination work  successfully  a minimum 70 percent of the population need to acquire immunity, which is a stern task for a country with a population  over 160 million.

Therefore, after various obstacles the vaccine is finally here and ready for roll out. Our government really deserves plaudits for such a commendable task, especially given how quickly our administration secured the delivery of the vaccine doses. Now, one million doses will be kept for the second phase which will be given after the arrival of another 5 million doses as second consignment. So, the phases of the vaccination drive should be well planned with clear vision, this will ultimately bring sigh of relief after nearly a year of suffering.