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Bangladesh has many reasons to be proud: US

Published : 26 Mar 2023 10:25 PM | Updated : 26 Mar 2023 10:25 PM

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has sent congratulatory messages on the occasion of the 53rd Independence Day and said “Bangladesh has many reasons to be proud”.

“With a rapidly growing economy, an 

increasingly well-educated workforce, and a dynamic youth demographic, Bangladesh is quickly becoming a regional leader,” he said on the occasion of March 26. 

 “By generously welcoming Rohingya fleeing genocide, you have demonstrated your humanitarian commitment to sheltering vulnerable refugees.

 “By developing adaptation strategies to the climate crisis, you have shown leadership in protecting the environment and strengthening climate resilience,” read his message.

 The Secretary of State said the United States is proud of its partnership with Bangladesh and of the resulting achievements made over the last five decades. 

 “Most recently, we have made real strides together battling COVID-19, tackling climate change, and promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific region. We commit to working with you in support of free and fair elections, open to all,” he said. 

 “By committing to democratic norms, good governance, human rights, and media freedom—all of which are hallmarks of developing, stable, and prospering societies—I believe Bangladesh will achieve its great potential. Americans and Bangladeshis are stronger together because of our cooperation on the defining issues of this era,” he said.

 “I look forward to deepening our partnership in the year ahead.”