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Bangladesh-China friendship blooms with light of youth

Published : 19 Sep 2023 10:41 PM

The Bangladesh Youth Delegation’s visited China from September 12th to 17th achieved full success with fruitful results, said the Embassy on Tuesday.

Official leaders from the International Department of the Communist Party of China and the Foreign Affairs Office of Anhui Province warmly received them and proposed instructive suggestions for strengthening inter-party youth exchanges between China and Bangladesh.

The Chinese officials earnestly encouraged all the delegation members to actively promote the traditional friendship between the two countries and deepen mutual learning and understanding among young people in the new era.

During their visit to Anhui, the delegation visited many universities such as Anhui University, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei University of Technology, and Anhui University of Science and Technology, held discussions and had deep interaction with teachers and students, and immersed themselves in learning the Chinese language and intangible cultural heritage of paper-cutting.

The delegation felt the breadth and depth of Chinese civilization intimately at historical sites such as the Anhui Museum, Anhui Museum of Historical Notables, and the Ancient City Wall in Shou County.

They also observed the development of innovative technologies in fields such as artificial intelligence at high-tech enterprises during the visit to the technology companies iFLYTECK and EASpeed.

In Dawei Town, the demonstration site for rural revitalization in Anhui Province, the delegation visited the model village named “Motan Village” and experienced first-hand the great achievements China has made in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

For all the young members of this delegation, this is their first visit to China.

They all said that China has profound cultural background and historical heritage foundation.

The warm hospitality and generous friendliness of Chinese people made their journey joyful and more memorable. Chinese path to modernization can be called a world miracle.

It is a remarkable achievement achieved under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China. The delegation set off with friendly feelings towards China and returned full of the desire and mission to inherit friendship and promote development between the two countries, said the Embassy in a media release on Tuesday.

They committed themselves to working hard to serve as a bridge of friendship between Bangladesh and China in the new era, and believed that the friendship between Bangladesh and China would last forever!