Bangladesh, a partner in progress

Earns respect of world community

The respect and honour being shown to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Bangladesh by the foreign countries during her visit makes it clear that Bangladesh has earned the position through hard work and sincerity. The red carpet reception given to the PM during her visit to Saudi Arabia before Eid ul Fitr is but a reflection of change of heart of Saudi Arabia in the recent years. The developed countries of Asia like Japan, Korea and China as well as European countries also consider Bangladesh a country worth partnering with for mutual benefit. In this respect Bangladesh has gone well ahead of many other countries of South East Asia. The respectful position of Bangladesh among the world community today has been rightly perceived by the government and it has been reflected in the words of planning minister who recently said that the major international donor agencies like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank now consider Bangladesh as an example of growth due to its massive socio-economic progress over the last 10 years.

It is widely believed by the economists, that the
allocation gap between the development and non-development 
sectors has decreased over the last 10 years

The decision of the government to invest more in the development sector has been highly praised by the partners and international banks. As a result, it is widely believed by the economists, that the allocation gap between the development and non-development sectors has decreased over the last 10 years and it would further reduce in the coming years. This remains to be said that it is because of hard work and determination of the pro-Bangladeshi politicians, government officials, media, businessmen, diplomats, teachers and common people of the country that we have come this far in our journey. What we need now is to shun negative politics and propaganda and forge strong unity to build a developed country within the given timeframe.