Banglabandha Asia’s only international land port

High time to tap the potentials

It is good to note that the government is considering expanding trade with other countries. Just a few days ago we got word of fast trade agreements being in the process with 11 countries. And today, there is the news of procedures underway for improving trade with China, Nepal and Bhutan through Banglabandha land port.

 There is an effort to better the trade in the country which will usher in a great a time for the people. Already there is great amount of export and import being done through the land port and once it is expanded more and more cargo will come into the country resulting in the growth of the country’s economy. 

According to a report published in this daily, businessmen in the country want the government to take necessary measures to expand trade with Nepal and China through the Banglabandha land port. 

This goes to show that the business leaders have 

already taken note of the potential that the land 

port offers and decided to capitalise on it

Business leaders have already held meetings with Nepalese and Chinese ambassadors in Dhaka to discuss the importance of the connectivity with China through the land port via Nepal. This goes to show that the business leaders have already taken note of the potential that the land port has and decided to capitalise on it. 

With trade ties with China being so favourable, the government should also expand the horizon and get China aboard the trade train to secure better benefits for the country. Once this is achieved the activities of the land port will further boost the economic growth of the country.

Above all, we hope for a better future for trade and commerce of the country. Also, communication is key in trade and hope that the planned rail link from Panchagarh to Banglabandha will be finalised soon.