Bangla-dubbed thriller ‘Brick Mansions’ released on Bongo

“Brick Mansions” movie is available dubbed in Bangla for viewers to watch only on Bongo, the largest Bangladeshi streaming platform. 

Brick Mansions, set in a dystopian Detroit, stars Paul Walker as an undercover cop who is commissioned with going into a tenement named Brick Mansions in order to disarm a bomb that is ticking toward explosion.

This film is the hereditary way to enhance the Bongo Bangla dubbed library after releasing Turkish, Italian, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies of late considering the content variety.

Viewers can access Bongo through their iOS/Android APP, website, and Android TV app locally and globally.

Bongo COO Fayaz Taher said they always try to provide the best entertainment possible. “We have seen a great response in the previous international films dubbed in Bangla and look forward to seeing the same result with the Hollywood films.”