Bangabazar fire affects Sylhet’s Eid market, crowd of buyers swells

Published : 10 Apr 2023 08:49 PM

Eid market has started to gain momentum in Sylhet. As the day of Eid is approaching, the crowd of buyers has started to increase in the markets and shopping malls of the metropolis. On the occasion of Eid, lighting has been done, and gates have been made in the markets and shopping malls of Sylhet. The shops are crowded till midnight due to the traffic of customers. However, an influx of price has been seen due to the Bangabazar fire incident, sellers mentioned.

Sellers are expecting good sales ahead of Eid. Shops in markets and shopping malls are decorated in a variety of attractive collections to attract customers. But this time the price of clothes is more than other times. On top of that, the fire in Dhaka's Bangabazar has worried the businessmen of Sylhet. Part of the clothes sold in Sylhet's market and shopping malls comes from Dhaka's Bangabazar. The effect of the fire in Bangabazar has already started to fall on Sylhet's cloth market. Buyers have to buy clothes at an increased price in the Eid market.

According to the seller, businessmen of Sylhet collect clothes from the Bangabazar market, Mahanagar market, Adarsh market, and Gulistan market. In anticipation of Eid, some people collect clothes once at the beginning of Ramadan and again after twentieth of Ramadan. Many people collect clothes in the middle of Ramadan. Since Bangabazar has low-cost wholesale clothes, many people collect clothes from these markets. But now it is no longer possible. As a result, they fear that the price of clothes will increase further.

Buyers say that Eid is still a few days away. After checking the market price, they are buying clothes. However, they said that this year the price of clothes is higher than before.

Abdur Rahman Ripon, President of Sylhet Metropolitan Business Union Welfare Council, said that the Bangabazar fire will affect the whole of Bangabazar. Businessmen of Sylhet collect clothes from Bangabazar at low cost. As several markets were reduced to ashes in the fire, it will affect the Eid market of Sylhet.

Compared to other years, the price of clothes is already a little higher. On top of that, because of the fire in Bangabazar, traders have to collect clothes from other wholesale markets in Dhaka at higher prices. He said that as the price of clothes increases during Eid, the connection will also decrease.