Bangabandhu’s Historic March 7 Speech

All must listen to it to know Bangladesh, Bengalis

Published : 06 Mar 2024 08:44 PM

On the occasion of the ‘Historic 7th March Speech’ we recall with deep respect the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The historic March 7 speech is a fiery address that the architect of our Independence, the greatest Bangali of all time Sheikh Mujib delivered at a mammoth rally in the then “Race Course Maidan”, now Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital Dhaka in 1971.

Commemorating Bangabandhu’s landmark speech, the grateful nation is set to observe the day in a befitting manner today (Thursday). The 7th March is an unforgettable day in the history of our liberation movement and independence as on this day in 1971, Bangabandhu delivered an epic speech in a thunderous voice, which was the charter of independence of the Bangali nation. 

The historic March 7 speech would continue to motivate the deprived, exploited and freedom-loving people of world always. We believe the appeal of the historic March 7 speech is everlasting as it contains electrifying effects. Even after fifty two years, the speech still touches our souls as the Bangabandhu made the address before the nation in a conversational style as if he is talking with the people. We must say that the speech was not only a call for the Bangali nation to fight for freedom but also was a direction for all nations. 

The fiery speech immediately united and inspired the Bangalis irrespective of caste, creed and religion to prepare for the ultimate War of Independence. It also transformed the country’s 7.5 crore people into a people’s army, encouraging them to fight till their last blood for the independence of our motherland. 

The appeal of the historic 

March 7 speech is everlasting

 as it contains electrifying effects

Imbued with the spirit of Bangabandhu’s March 7 speech people became overwhelmed, forging decisive rock-solid unity for independence to get rid of injustice, deprivation, exploitation and torture in 1971. The whole nation responded spontaneously to Bangabandhu’s call with the thunderous slogan “Bir Bangali Astra Dharo, Bangladesh Swadhin Karo” (Brave Bangalis take up arms and free Bangladesh from occupation). 

It was also the declaration of our independence apart from the inspiration of our Liberation War. During the nine-month bloody war, Bangabandhu was in a Pakistani jail, but his speech continued to inspire the freedom fighters to fight against the Pakistani occupation forces in the battlefield throughout the then East Pakistan. 

After a nine-month-long sanguinary War of Liberation on December 16 in 1971, Bangladesh was born as an independent country at the cost of supreme sacrifice of three million people and the honour of nearly half a million women. In the 18-minute extempore speech from 4.23 pm before the people, Sheikh Mujib in unequivocal term said, “We spilled our blood…we are ready to shed more blood, the people of the country shall be freed, Inshallah!” "Ebarer sangram amader muktir sangram, ebarer sangram swadhinatar sangram" (The struggle this time is for our emancipation, the struggle this time is for our independence), Bangabandhu said.

Our pledge should be on the historic March 7 to make a firm commitment to take Bangladesh to higher position in world stage and turn it into a safe and peaceful land for the future generation. Bangabandhu’s 7th march speech is a unique example of how an address can awake the whole nation and inspire them to begin the War of Liberation. Apart from the historic March 7, our new generation must listen to Bangabandhu’s speeches and follow his ideals as these are eternal source of inspiration. The speeches of Bangabandhu are an invaluable asset for the present and future generations.  All political parties, civil servants, academics, ministers, members of parliament (MPs), students, teachers, people and future generations need to listen to the speech to know Bangladesh and its people.