Bangabandhu Parishad leaders stands against each other at CoU

Published : 06 Jan 2021 09:27 PM

A fraction of Comilla University (CoU) Bangabandhu Parishad opposed the another fraction which has got a new committee on Tuesday. 

In a protest letter signed by the fraction’s convener Profe GM Moniruzzaman and secretary member Md Mokaddesul Islam on Wednesday condemned formation another committee of the platform at CoU.   

The letter reads, CoU Bangabandhu Parishad has been practicing Bangabandhu's ideology since 2010. As per the constitution of the organization, a new committee has to be formed in every year. But violating the rule, the executive committee, formed on March 23, 2018, made no new one in 2019 and 2020 sessions to monopolize power.

The statement also says, in order to get rid of such vicious, arbitrary and illegal committee, the general members of Bangabandhu Parishad decided to form a new committee. Hereby, according to the article 8 of the constitution of Bangabandhu Parishad, a five-member convening committee was formed on December 4, 2020, heading professor G. M. Moniruzzaman as the convener and Mokaddesul Islam as secretary member, on the basis of two-thirds of the teacher’s opinion. 

The statement further said, on January 5, a small number of teachers ignored the opinion of two-thirds of the teachers and announced a new committee of Bangabandhu Parishad to satisfy their vested interests, disrupt the development activities of the university and do contentional politicis which is against the ideology of Bangabandhu and the spirit of liberation war. We strongly condemn and protest against such irrational, illegal and unconstitutional activities.

Meanwhile, on December 6 last year, some of the teachers, claiming expiration of the then committee of Bangabandhu Parishad, expressed their distrust on the president and general secretary and formed a new convening committee centering the teacher’s association election held on Decmeber 13, last year. Later, both the fractions took part in the election with separate blue panel claiming self to be Bangabandhu Parishad.

However, on January 5, the fraction sticking up for the old one formed a new executive committee for the 2021 session selecting Accounting and Information Systems Department Associate Professor Mohammad Mizanur Rahman and Economics Department Assistant Professor Mohammad Nasir Hussain as president and general secretary respectively.