Bangabandhu paddy harvested for the first time in Bandarban

Published : 07 May 2022 09:31 PM | Updated : 07 May 2022 09:31 PM

This is the first time that a woman farmer from Bandarban district has succeeded in cultivating Bangabandhu paddy (BRRI Dhan-100). This is the first time that BRRI-100 has been harvested in Bandarban district. Later she planted saplings in one hectare of land. She expressed hope that the production of that paddy in one hectare of land will be about 6 tonnes in 5 months. Seeing his success, other farmers of the village have also become interested in paddy cultivation.

Umeching Marma, a successful farmer from Udalbania Para, Ward 2, Rajbila Union, Bandarban Sadar Upazila. She is a housewife by profession. In addition to her housework, she has achieved this success by cultivating this first BRRI-100 variant of paddy in Mujib Year.

Umeching Marma said, “This is the first time I have planted Bangabandhu paddy in three bighas of land under the initiative of Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC). Compared to other paddy, it has become suitable to harvest paddy earlier. She said that it has taken 5 months to start harvesting the planted paddy and in a few days the paddy will be threshed and taken home. She is hopeful that other farmers will also be very successful by cultivating this paddy.

She further said that the production of this paddy is good, the cost is relatively low. The total cost for cultivating paddy was 15 thousand Tk per bigha. At present, if the price of paddy is right, she will get a profit of Tk 10,000 per bigha, excluding all expenses.

On the spot, it was observed that during the growth period of 148 days, the leaves are erect, broad and long like the BRRI-74 variety and the color of the leaves is green. The height of the adult tree is 101 cm. One thousand nutritious rice weighs 16.6 grams. According to the Department of Agriculture, for the first time this year, Bangabandhu variety of paddy has been cultivated in Bandarban on the occasion of Mujib Year. This variety of rice has been developed by the Rice Research Institute. In order to cultivate this project for the farmers, two bighas are under their own responsibility and one bigha project is being assisted by the organization. Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) took the initiative to expand the production of paddy seeds.

It is known that Bangabandhu (BRRI-100) has very low pest attack ratio and low cost of production. Not only that, the rice is thin and white. The amount of zinc is 25.6 mg per kg. Rice contains amylose 26.7% and protein 7.8%.

Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Lulumang Chowdhury said Bangabandhu (BRRI-100) has been cultivated in Bandarban for the first time. The yield has been good as the flag lead of paddy is good. Due to low flag lead in other paddy, it is possible to produce 7.8 metric tons of paddy per hectare in 148 to 150 days. Other rice which takes about 180 days.

Omar Faruk, Agriculture Officer, Bandarban Upazila, said that the Paddy Research Center has started cultivating Bangabandhu (BRRI-100) variety of paddy from Feni for the first time on a small scale in three bighas of land in Bandarban Sadar. He said that the agriculture officials have provided overall advice and assistance in the maintenance of paddy fields at the field level.