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Bangabandhu museum in Bagmara to uphold real history

Published : 22 Jun 2021 09:08 PM

'Bangabandhu Smriti Jadughar Complex,' has been built at Bagmara of Rajshahi district to preserve the glorified history of Bangladesh Awami League and to uphold the real history of Liberation among the young generations of the country.  

Moreover, the history, tradition, overall development and information of various areas of Bagmara will also be supplied throughout the world through this complex. To fulfill the aims, the six-storied sophisticated Bangabandhu Memorial Museum Complex has been built in Bagmara. This is also the first digital office of Bangladesh Awami League. 

Since the completion of the construction works of this complex at Chanpara village of Bagmara, a large number of people are visiting this complex. Specially, the young men of the present generation are being able to learn about the correct history of the Independent and the Freedom Struggle of the country through visiting this museum. 

Local Member of Parliament Engineer Enamul Haque took the initiative to construct the six-storied building of the Memorial Museum in 2008 on 13 decimal of land beside Bhawaniganj-Taherpur road. Before starting the work of the construction of the building, MP Enamul Haque registered the place of the building by the name of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The building was built from the personal fund of MP Enamul Haque. 

This complex will also hold the offices of the local AL leaders, Saleha-Imarat Auditorium will be situated at the first floor of the building. At the second floor of the building a vocational training institute will be established. This vocational training institute will train and make efficient manpower.

Moreover, on the second floor, the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum has been set up. Through this memorial museum, young men of the present generation will be able to learn about the correct History of Bangladesh and the Liberation War. They will also learn about the glorious history of Awami League through this museum. The Bangabandhu Memorial Museum has been decorated with rare pictures and architecture of Bangabandhu and the War of Liberation. A Help Desk has also been set up with the Museum so that people of the constituency can inform any problem to the local MP and the political leaders. 

On September- 5, 2013, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the construction works of this Museum. 

MP Enamul Haque said, he has been working for the welfare of the people throughout his life and would like to continue it till his death. The Bangabandhu Memorial Museum has been built aiming at informing the people of the remote areas as well as the people of the previous and the future generations about the correct history of Bangabandhu and the Independent Bangladesh.