Bangabandhu – An immortal hero

Published : 17 Aug 2022 07:46 PM

The world has so far produced several legendary statesmen to mention: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Charchil, Jawaharlal Nehru, Patrice Lumumba, Jamo Kenyatta, Julias Nyerre, Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda, Fidel Castro, Joseph Bronje Titto and Bangalee’s pride Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. All are glorified and worshiped in their own glory but exceptionally Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib is a rarity examples of which Bangalee across the globe respect in good manners in different anointed similes, some of the most brilliant epithets are: The Greatest Bangalee of a thousand years, Architect of Bangladesh's freedom, An angel of Bangalee, Bangabandhu friend of the universe, The greatest Bangalee of all time, The unanimous leader of the world, Mujib – a fairy tale of a nation, The undisputed leader of Bangla and Bangalee, The great hero of history, The liberator of Bangalees, The Father of the Nation, Triumphant superman, Eternal triumphant super hero, The great hero of the epic poem Swdhinata, The emissary of Bangalee’s freedom, The rhythm of the politics, Poet of politics, The adorable man of thousands of years of Bangla and Bangalee, Eternal – immortal Sheikh Mujib, The name of immortal spirit is Sheikh Mujib, The great guide for breaking the shackles of subjugation is Sheikh Mujib, Mujib means freedom, Mujib is a man of light in the arena of imagination, The great hero of all Bangalees.

Bangabandhu is an epoch-maker, his advent in the universe in need of the age and if Bangabandhu had not been born then a country called Bangladesh could not been emerged on the world map. In the need of the age, such a great man appears as the messenger of liberation. He was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth but in an obscure village in a simple middle class family but with a light bulb. The momentary ,  great an is an integral part of the Bangalee nation of the world, his name flows in the veins of the liberation hero consciousness of the Bangalee nation and the name shall remain immortal from generation to generation.

The child named “Khoka” born to became the great architect of the independent – sovereign nation – state of Bangladesh, his birth in the darkness of subjugation as a beacon of liberation in the destiny of the Bangalee nation. Bangalee nation as a whole oppressed – deprived for hundreds of years. Bain the history of Bangabandhu”s courageous, uncompromising and heroic struggle induced all Bangalees towards indomitable desire for liberation that lead  and cherished in the final struggle for independence. His thunderous voice like the roar of a cloud still scares the enemy with great roar. He emerged from the soft soil of Bengal and lived a simple life, he kept his own life unprotected and he had a very die hard believe and faith that his countryman would do not any harm to him. But the cruel fact is that some bastard and traitors of the soil attacked him, his family members and the relatives in the dark of night like a coward. The map of Bangladesh was swept away by his blood and these traitors could not imagine that the soil of Bangladesh would become fertile with his blood. Today’s reality is that if Bangladesh had not been born it is doubtful whether Bangalees would have been able to hold to their present position with their heads held high. Bangabandhu is the son of the sun. Those traitors did not tear Bangabandhu’s heart apart with bullets but they have scarred the map of Bangladesh with blood stains. The infernal assassination of Bangabandhu is a joint product of domestic and foreign conspiracies. When Bangabandhu with wisdom, honesty, skill, humane attitude, determination and farsightedness used all his strength to make war ravaged country a land of “ Sujola Sufhala Sasya Samala Santeer Desh” those devils killed him.

Bangabandhu always wished to remain in village of his very dear Bangladesh so that he gets to taste the soil of Bengal, listen to the songs of birds and smell the golden paddy and jute, truly Bangabandhu is lying silently in rural Bengal – Long live Bangabandhu.