Ban on carrying liquid substances at HSIA

The airport authority has imposed restriction on carrying all kinds of liquid substances at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA).  From now on, none of the employees/ workers posted in the tarmac areas or apron area of the airport will be allowed to bring water, aerosol spray or any kind of liquid substance. 

The airport authority issued a letter in this regard on Sunday last.  It was learnt that such restriction has been imposed at the airport following a DfT audit team’s objection. HSIA Aviation Security Force (AVSEC) Director Wing Commander Nur-A-Alam confirmed this to media.

Airport sources informed that workers who worked at runway and apron area enters at the airport through hanger gate (gate no 8), at the same time vehicles that are used for runway and apron area are used the same gate. While entering through the gate. Each of them have to put off their shoes and belt for security purpose and their baggage are scanned at the scanning machine.  For vehicles, driver and vehicles are also have to go through the security scanning. But until Sunday last, they all were allowed to keep water and aerosol with them or in the vehicles. 

The DfT representatives conducted a three-day audit from June 18 to monitor the overall security systems. The Dft team was monitoring the overall security system of the airport as per their prior schedule. They visited the entrance of the airport terminal, scanner system, check in counter, apron, cargo and even the boundary area of the airport. They rushed where ever they suspected.

The inspection team found that the vehicles that enter through the hanger gate carry water bottles and liquid sprays. 

And these liquid enter the airport without any security checking. As per their opinion, as the sprays are extremely flammable, they can put the airport security at risk.   On the other hand, as per the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules, carrying such liquid substances at the airport is strictly prohibited.