Baishe April finally on YouTube

Published : 19 May 2021 09:14 PM

Mizanur Rahman Aryan's Telefilm '22 she April’ is one of the most talked about works of 2019. It was broadcast on NTV on the night of June 6 of that year.

The telefilm was made with a dozen stars comes up for discussion before Eid, while the shooting started. Because, it’s a multi-starrer casting and story plot. However, since its promotion, the level of discussion has increased at a compounding rate. It was built in the shadow of the heartbreaking incident of the fire at the FR Tower in Banani. After the promotion of this telefilm of human story, the people concerned were floating in praise.

The director had to digest the experience as well as criticism! Because, after it was broadcast, the viewers created a big crisis on the internet. One of the reasons for this is that the work was not available on YouTube.

Such incidents at this time are unbelievable in a word. Because, the sooner any drama-telefilm is delayed to be aired on TV, the faster it is published on YouTube. And in recent times viewers have become accustomed to watching dramas on YouTube. The biggest example of which is the TV movie 'Boro Chele’ of the same director. Judging by its popularity, it is also a historical milestone in Bengali drama and one of the reasons for this popularity is YouTube.

Hopefully, after two years, that '22 she April’ will be on YouTube. Again in the caption of 'Eid Natak 2021' on Bongo BD channel!

Aryan is happy about that too. Although the tone of despair in the voice, '2019 TV movie was released on YouTube in 2021! This is one of the favorite things I've ever done.’

Iresh Zaker, Ziaul Faruk Apurbo, Manoj Pramanik, Mehazabien Chowdhury, Masuma Rahman Nabila, Tanjin Tisha, Afran Nisho, Dilara Zaman, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Shahidul Alam Sachchu, Rasheda Chowdhury, Deepa Khondokar including Tamim Mridha have acted in different roles in '22 she April’.