BAIRA Somonnoy Front seeks stimulus for recruiting agencies

Published : 25 Nov 2021 09:59 PM

Sommilito Somonnoy Front, BAIRA leaders on Wednesday urged the government to provide Tk 1 core as incentive to face ongoing crisis of the recruiting agencies.

They also demanded a fund of Tk. 5 core with equity from stimulus loan provided  by the government to face the Covid Crisis and urged the government to withdraw the circulars, issued recently to the recruiting agents in terms of paying  back the temporary loan amount, they had taken earlier from their deposited money with the ministry.

Sommilito Somonnoy Front, BAIRA raised the issues in a press conference, held at the Dhaka Reporter’s Unity, to share the contemporary problems faced by members of Bangladesh Recruiting Agencies with mass media.

They said another notice has been served that in the future, matured profit of the FDR  levied with the government is to be credited by BMET Welfare Account instead of credited by the Recruiting Agencies.

"Unless the circulars are not withdrawn, a disaster can be created in the country's manpower exporting sector", leaders of the front feared.

"A financially vibrant sector of Bangladesh, is currently passing a hard time and since 2012 G2G and in 2016 G2G Plus System were introduced, 10 (Ten) members syndicate to export manpower to Malaysia was formed and finally the Covid-19 disaster killed the Manpower Industry totally, they alleged.

They mentioned that earlier recruiting agencies were allowed to withdraw 50% from their security money kept with the government as fixed deposit to run their business activities.

Recently two notices from the ministry have been served to pay back the temporary loan of 50% of the security deposit, and in failure to do so, all activities of Recruiting Agency shall be suspended. 

Furthermore, an advance income tax amounting to Taka 50,000/- (Fifty thousand) has been levied and is to be paid at the time of Licenses Renewed by the Recruiting Agencies.

Dr. Mohammed Faruque, President - SSF, Reaz-ul-Islam, Sr. Vice President - SSF, Mustafa Mahmud, Secretary - SSF and other Leaders of Sommilito Somonnoy Front, BAIRA spoke on that occasion.