Bailey Road building blaze

How many people will perish in fire?

Published : 01 Mar 2024 08:32 PM

We are deeply shocked and saddened at the tragic death of so many people and injury of scores others in a devastating fire at a building at Bailey Road in the capital city of Dhaka. In one of the worst fire disasters in the country at least 46 people perished and more than 15 were injured on Thursday night. 

The death toll is set to climb amid a desperate scramble to locate survivors from the mangled wreck. We also express our deepest condolences to the victims’ families. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the grieving families and pray for the salvation of the departed souls and wish early recovery of the injured. All the deaths were due to inhalation of carbon monoxide gas from the fire.

At least 12 people, who received serious burn injuries, are now undergoing treatment at the Sheikh Hasina National Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute. They are critical and not out of danger. Many young people’s dreams have been burnt to ashes.

The fire broke out at the six-storey building, the Green Cozy Cottage Shopping Mall, that housed a number of restaurants, including the very popular Kacchi Bhai, at almost the peak time for dinner, when it was buzzing with patrons. The building had just one shop while the rest of the outlets were all restaurants. 


building had no fire exit and 

it was 

vulnerable to an 

accident like this

Gas cylinders were littered throughout the building, including the staircase, and they were used for cooking. Any one of them or a gas stove could have exploded and caused the fire, according to Health Minister Samanta Lal Sen and officials of the Fire Service.

The building had no fire exit and it was vulnerable to an accident like this.  The government has repeatedly instructed to install fire extinguishers and take fire safety measures in all buildings, but to avails. 

Besides, the high command of the government, authorities concerned and experts always request architects that when they design houses or buildings they must keep a small open balcony, a fire exit or a ventilation. But architects do not pay heed to the call while the owners do not want to leave an inch of space for safety. 

The devastating fire incident is very painful as such horrific fire incidents continued causing loss of lives and properties caused by negligence. All concerned must stay alert against recurrence of such tragedy anywhere in the country.

When such a terrible fire or any other deadly accident occurs, administration come up with various measures and promise that they would do everything in the future to avert any accident. But the authorities do not fulfill their commitments and remain as silent spectators.

As they are not paying attention to this serious issue, such fatalities are increasing day by day. We the people do not like to see the repetition of such tragic fire accident that continue taking people’s lives in the city and ruining many families within moments.

Such death is causing an irreparable loss to the families of the victims. It was a heart-rending scenario when relatives of fire victims were gathering at the ablaze building to know the fates of their nearest and dearest ones.

This devastating fire incident is very painful as such horrific fire incidents continued causing loss of lives and properties caused by negligence. Earlier we have also seen many people met the tragic end of their lives and many more received serious burn injuries in the fire when godown of chemical and flammable materials exploded at Churihatta of Chawk Bazar and Nimtoli in the old part of the capital Dhaka and other places of the country.

The government will have to take firm stand to remove inflammable and risky materials from any business establishments. The Bailey Road tragedy appeared as a lesson again for all businessmen who do not have open balcony and a fire exit or ventilation.