Bahubali and Tiger: 2 attractive Jhenidah bullocks ready to hit Korbani market

Published : 11 Jul 2020 09:39 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 01:13 PM

Two brothers in Jhenaidah have prepared two cows for selling in Korbani (sacrificial) market. The duo has been expecting Taka 16 to 18 from their pair of cows this Eid market. One of the cows was named as Bahubali and the remaining as Tiger. 

Huge people from Jhenidah and surrounding areas have been rushing at Goyeshpur village of Paglakanai union in Jhenidah Sadar upazila two witness for a while everyday.

Imran Hossain, son of Altaf Hossain Jhantu said after completing his hours degree from Jhenidah Degree College he was leading inhuman life for want of any suitable profession or job. 

At last he established a broiler chicken farm in the village about five years back.  Witnessing success in the broiler farm, he had established a dairy farm title Bhai Bhai Dairy farm with the cooperation of his brother Rajibul Islam. 

It ensured the duo the ray of success in further progress to expand the farm. Two cows namely Bahubali and Tiger is one of the most popular discussions in the district.

Talking to Bangladesh Post Imran Hossain expressed his reaction that no work goes in vain when it is furnished with hard labour and confidence. Each of the bullocks bearing the weight for 20 maunds, expected to be sold at Taka eight to nine lakh in the Korbani market for sacrificial purposes. 

The duo has been expecting Taka at least 17 lakh from the two animals. The young and educated entrepreneur said the number of cattle heads in their farm is now 13 which are reared with the advice of the livestock department officials and experienced farm owners. Bahubali and Tiger are much talked two.  

He started the dairy farm investing Taka 15 lakh, while the price of his animals is over Taka 50 lakh. 

They said they are confident enough that he must count the profit from sacrificial animals in the season amid corona virus pandemic. MOrer attractive bullocks they will offer in the next sacrificial times in near future, the duo said. 

Abdus Salam, a visitor after witnessing the farm said Bahubali and Tiger talks to Imran Hossain and respond call when their names are soughed. It is really surprising to the people who had witnessed the scene. 

It has been introducing Imran and Razibul to many people every day, Abdus Salam said.District Livestock Officer (DLO) in Jhenidah Dr. Ananda Kumar Adhikary when contacted said the officials of his department have been rendering services to Imran Hossain and other dairy farm owners to keep their animals safe and healthy in all respect. 

This sort of farms have been playing role to strengthen the socio-economic state of the said farmers as well as country, while people are lucky enough to meet their daily protein, DLO said.