BAF annual exercise begins on Sunday

Annual Winter Exercise of Bangladesh Air Force ‘WINTEX-2020-1’ will begin at all BAF Bases and units on Sunday, said ISPR.  The main objective of the exercise is to assess the capability of BAF and evaluate the operational ability to safeguard her own air space. It is also conducted to identify the weakness and draw appropriate lessons for improvement in future. 

All types of BAF fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, helicopters, radar squadrons, Surface to Air Missile (SAM) unit including all BAF personnel are taking part in the exercise. As a part of the exercise, the pilots of BAF fighter aircraft, transport aircraft and helicopters will practise different air combat maneuvers and tactics including interception by the fighter aircraft. 

It is mentionable that the effectiveness of air defence capability of Bangladesh will certainly be increased through the utilization of all BAF assets and manpower in the exercise. Along with the members of BAF, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Civil Defence, BGB and BNCC (Air Wing) are also participating in the exercise in limited scale.