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Back to School Fatullah-2001 Reunion Picnic Sparks Philanthropic Momentum

Published : 12 Feb 2024 04:16 PM

In an uplifting display of camaraderie and community spirit, the renowned Facebook group 'Back to School Fatullah-2001' recently hosted a picnic and inaugural reunion program at the serene locale of 'Zinda Park.' Led by their dedicated administrator Fayezur Rahman (Shajib), the group showcased a profound commitment to bridging socioeconomic disparities and fostering societal progress.

During an interview regarding the group's objectives, Rahman highlighted their mission to bridge the gap between affluent and underprivileged friends, aiming for comprehensive socio-economic development. He emphasized the group's dedication to exemplary deeds alongside social advancement.

Recent acts of generosity have underscored the group's altruistic ethos, with Rahman proudly disclosing their contribution of approximately 1 Lac taka towards funeral expenses for a deceased friend in need. Furthermore, he revealed plans for additional philanthropic endeavors, promising continued support for those facing hardship within their community.

The collective efforts of this SSC-2001 batch-based friend circle from Fatullah have not gone unnoticed, garnering widespread acclaim for their impactful initiatives in the area. As they continue to embody the spirit of compassion and unity, the Back to School Fatullah-2001 group sets a remarkable example of positive change through collective action.