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‘Bachelor Point’ season 4 coming on March 11

Published : 08 Mar 2022 09:44 PM

Kajal Arefin Ome directorial highly anticipated hit sitcom titled ‘Bachelor Point’ season 4 is all set to hit Dhruba TV YouTube channel from March 11, on television and YouTube.

The series, ‘Bachelor Point’ highlights the life and plights of today's youth, features Mishu Sabbir, Ziaul Haque Polash, Chashi Alam, Marzuk Russel, Sabila Nur, Sanjana Sarkar Riya and Faria Shahrin, among others. Presented by Frutika and powered by National Agricare, the series will air every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9pm.

On Sunday March 6,  the theme song of season 4, titled "Bachelor Party Song", released on Dhruba TV's Youtube channel and has already stirred up a storm on the internet. The song received over a million views within one day.

The series ‘Bachelor Point’ follows Kabila, a young man from Noakhali played by Ziaul Haque Polash, and other bachelors from different districts of Bangladesh who encounter numerous challenges while living independently in Dhaka.

Earlier there was an announced that season 3 to be the last season of ‘Bachelor Point.’ The last season ended with Kabila's arrest. The audiences could not witness a melancholic end of Kabila's story and demanded for another season.

Later on, director Kajol Arefin Ome announced the arrival of season 4 through a Facebook post on 17 October last year.

Ziaul Haque Polash, Mishu Sabbir, Marzuk Russell and Chashi Alam, will be reprising their iconic roles in the season 4 of ‘Bachelor Point’.

The series also features Saraf Ahmed Zibon, Monira Akter Mithu, Tamim Mridha, Musafire Syed Bacchu, Schumon Patowary, Md. Saidur Rahman Pavel, Abdullah Rana, Faria Shahrin, Parsa Evana, Sanjana Sarkar Riya among others.