Poetry and Police

Azad Hossain's Poetry book 'Dwikhandito Somayer Kobita', at Ekushey Book Fair

Published : 22 Feb 2024 09:03 PM | Updated : 04 Mar 2024 08:23 PM

In a remarkable departure from the conventional portrayal of police officer, Azad Hossain, a distinguished Police Super, unveiled his third piece of poetry titled 'Dwikhandito Somayer Kobita' at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair. Breaking free from the confines of his uniform and badges, Hossain's passion for literature has been evident since his formative years, and now he graces the literary world with his unique narrative.

The book delves into the intricacies of a world divided by time, oscillating between moments of illumination and the shadows of epidemics and untimely occurrences. Through poignant verses, Hossain captures the essence of joy and sorrow, leaving readers enchanted by his hopeful yet introspective poetic renderings. The collection opens with 'Priyovajeneshu' and continues through pieces such as ' Dussomayer Kobita,' 'Fashi Chai,' 'Kirtonkholar Kober,' and 'Vor Ase Na.'

Hossain's poetry transcends the mundane, exploring the significance of seemingly insignificant elements in life's tapestry. From reflections on the silence brought by the COVID-19 pandemic to the magic of literary characters like Mahbub from Manik Bandopadhyay's works, his verses traverse a diverse landscape encompassing mythology, modernity, and human connection.

Drawing from his academic background in English Language and Literature, coupled with a Masters in Police Science, Hossain intertwines themes of nature, reality, and human experience with finesse. His verses resonate with readers, evoking memories, emotions, and a yearning for the simplicity of life's fleeting moments.

Despite the challenges inherent in his profession, Hossain's dedication to literature shines through, proving that one can be both a law enforcer and a literary aficionado. His debut book, 'Shunnye Milibo Tumi Ami,' published in 2018, was followed by 'Khowaber Khela' in 2020, solidifying his presence in the literary sphere.

Published by Bengal Publications, renowned for its commitment to promoting art, literature, and culture, 'Dwikhandito Somayer Kobita' stands as a testament to Hossain's artistic prowess. The book is available at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair, with copies accessible at the Dhaka Metropolitan Police stall (stall number 852/853) and the Bengal Publications stall at Suhrawardy Udyan (stall number 150/151/152). Additionally, readers can procure the book online from and

In a world grappling with division and turmoil, Hossain's poetry offers a glimpse of solace and transcendence. His words bridge the gap between reality and imagination, inviting readers on a journey of self-reflection and discovery. Through 'Dwikhandito Somayer Kobita,' he invites us to embrace the beauty of life's imperfections and find joy in the smallest of moments.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Hossain's professional journey has taken him across borders, enriching his perspective and influencing his creative endeavors. From Italy to China, his travels have infused his poetry with a global sensibility, resonating with readers from diverse backgrounds.

As readers immerse themselves in the pages of 'Dekhandita Somayer Kobita,' they are transported to a realm where words dance on the canvas of existence, painting a portrait of humanity in all its complexity. Hossain's ability to navigate the depths of emotion and experience through verse cements his place as a formidable voice in contemporary literature, transcending the boundaries of profession and passion.