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Auto pass at primary level likely

Promotion based on evaluation at secondary level

Published : 13 Oct 2020 09:32 PM | Updated : 14 Oct 2020 02:32 AM

Primary students in the country will be promoted to next higher class through auto pass system if educational institution remains shut until November.

However, the secondary level students will be promoted to the next class based on alternative evaluation, sources said.

Secondary students will be given homework according to the short syllabus of the textbook. They will finish that assignment from home. 

The teachers of respective educational institutions will collect and evaluate these assignments in a special system. On this basis of the evaluation, the students will be promoted to the new class, according to secondary and higher education division officials.

Currently, there are about 2.5 crore students in country’s primary and secondary level. Parents and guardians of these students are worried over their future.

Education Minister DrDipuMoni will give the final decision about the promotion system of primary and secondary level students at the end of this month, authorities concerned said.

In order to continue the study of the students, alternative lesson plan will be followed until final announcement from the education ministry.

Akram-al-Hossain, senior secretary at the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, told Bangladesh Post, “The educational institutions will remain shut till October 31. The government has given priority to protect the students from Covid-19.”

“So, I am skeptical about whether the educational institution will reopen in November or not. If the schools are opened the annual examination will be held according to the lesson plan that has already been prepared. Otherwise, I do not see any alternative to auto promotion. We can’t put the children at risk of coronavirus,” he added.

The Secretary further said, “If we can’t conduct the annual examination, the roll number of the student will come according to the serial number of admission. However, I think there will be no controversy if we consider the results of the previous year’s annual examination for promotion to the next class. But, we will announce our decision later. There is still time to consider the matter.”

On the other hand, the Director General of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education Dr Syed MdGolamFaruk said, “We are not giving auto promotion to the students.  Students are continuing their study through Sangsad Television and online.”

“Considering all the things including class work until mid-march, television and online learning. Promotion to new class will be given only through evaluation,” he added.

The government extended the ongoing holidays of all educational institutions across the country till October 31 considering the safety of the students.

On March 29, the government introduced online education through Sangsad TV for secondary students so that students can make up the losses due to closure of the educational institutions.

Later, on April 7, the government also started TV education for primary students, and on April 19, for technical and madrassa students.

According to Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Some 65 percent of the total students came under the Sangsad Televisionteaching method. 

On the other hand, Secondary and Higher Education division says about 93 percent of the students have come under this teaching system.