Asha to act in two plays

Azmeri Asha, one of the Veet stars of 2012. At the time, she was the first runner-up in this reality show. None of those who started working as models in acting or advertising during her tenure are now working regularly. Azmeri Asha is the only one among them who is still working with her talent and concentration.

She did a play at the end of the year in Gela. Her co-artist was Mukit Zakaria. The model actress has started her new year by acting in the play 'Pagal Humu Kamte' directed by the young playwright Barnanath. In this play, she has played the role of Emmy. She will work on two plays for three consecutive days under the direction of the same director.

The name of the other play is 'Choto Bhaier Bou'. In this play she will play the role of Pakhi. Rubel Swadhin Varna has composed two plays.

Regarding working with hope in both the plays, director Barnanath said, "I have been wanting to make plays with hope for a long time. Now that I am producing two plays, the hopes in both the characters of the two plays are quite reasonable. That's why I'm working with her. I hope the two dramas will bring the best out of those two characters with her talent. '

In this context, Azmeri Asha said, ‘This is my first work under the direction of Barnanath Dada. I really like the story of the two plays and my character. And I work very selectively from the beginning. These two plays work in that series. My co-stars in the two plays are Mukit Zakaria Bhai and Marjuk Russell Bhai. Both of them are very supportive of me. 

Barnanath said the two dramas will soon be aired on two different satellite channels.

Meanwhile, Asha will be working on a play in Ara on January 18. After becoming a Veet star, Asha first acted in the play 'Tritiyo Matra' directed by Masudul Hasan. The model actress also worked as a model for Tahsan's latest song 'Aprapti'. The star was also acclaimed for her performance in the play 'Chhaya Kaya' directed by Rakesh Basu on Eid-ul-Azha last year.