Asaduzzaman Noor recites ‘Kono Ek Maake’ for film ‘Japito Jibon’

Published : 24 Mar 2024 09:42 PM
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In a momentous addition to the upcoming historical drama "Japito Jibon," renowned actor Asaduzzaman Noor has lent his distinctive voice to recite the iconic poem "Kono Ek Maake." The film, funded by the government for the year 2021-22, vividly portrays the tumultuous days preceding the Language Movement of February 21, 1952.

Directed by Habibul Islam Habib, the film aims to capture the essence of the pivotal historical event that shaped the nation's identity. Noor's recitation of Abu Zafar Obaidullah's poem is set to be a poignant conclusion to the film, resonating with the sacrifices made during the Language Movement. Director Habib emphasized the significance of Noor's contribution, citing his unparalleled talent in elocution and the emotional depth his voice brings to the film's narrative. He expressed gratitude for Noor's involvement, highlighting the actor's commitment despite a busy schedule.

The film, adapted from Selina Hossain's novel, features a stellar cast including Afzal Hossain, Gazi Rakayet, and Rokeya Prachi. The screenplay, crafted by Animesh Aich and Ishtiaq Ahmed, promises a compelling cinematic experience.

With post-production nearing completion, "Japito Jibon" is set to be submitted for preview to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Anticipation is high for its theatrical release later this year, as it pays homage to the Language Movement's pivotal role in the nation's history. Habib expressed confidence in the film's ability to resonate with audiences, underscoring its relevance in commemorating the sacrifices made for linguistic rights. As anticipation builds for the release of "Japito Jibon," it stands as a cinematic tribute to a defining moment in the country's journey towards independence and cultural identity.