Art contest by Obscure

Obscure Artists of Bangladesh is a Facebook group that has brought together an array of various artists both young and old together under one banner. 

Here people share their art pieces and thoughts and ideas with each other. Moreover, on a periodic basis the group also arranges art contests for their team members. 

In that continuation, the group has recently announced their latest contest titled ‘Contest for Team Obscure’ via a notice. The notice read, “Dear Obscure Members, if you are getting bored sitting at home, then get refreshed by getting into the contest from today.”

The competition started from Jule 10 and the rules go—

There are two categories, the first one is general painting which include landscape, still life, sketch and the second category is calligraphy which have Arabic, Bangla and English. 

The winner of each category will be decided based on 50 percent like and reaction and the other 50 percent based on the admin’s views.

The last date until which paintings can be posted is July 31 and no like or reaction given prior to this date will be considered for judging everything has to be after this date. 

To participate the contestants have to post their art piece on the Facebook page of Obscure Artsits of Bangladesh following the other rules that are mentioned on their page.