Arrest of ‘rapist’ demanded

Published : 18 Nov 2020 09:17 PM

Local residents of Bhugroil area under Paba of Rajshahi organised a human chain in protest against the rape of a four-year-old child and arrest of the rapist immediately on Wednesday morning.

In the human chain, Shah Alam, father of the victim said, the house of the accused Manik is at the eastern side of their house. His daughter Tanisha Jannat Tanha (4) often visited the house of Manik for playing. Around 4-00 pm afternoon of Thursday last she went to the house of Manik for playing and she returned home weeping around 5-00 pm.

While asked, Tanha informed during her to give chocolate and flower. Manik took her inside his house and 'behaves indecently' with her. 

The child was then admitted to OneStop Crisis Centre of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital where she was treated and now she is at home. Shahana Khatun, mother of the victim had filed a case with Shah Makhdum Police station on Thursday night in this connection. 

Shah Alam further alleged even after a week of filing the case, the accused has not yet been arrested. As a result, local people and family members of the victims are worried. He demanded to arrest the accused immediately and award him exemplary punishment. Other people at the human chain also demanded to arrest and punish the accused immediately. 

Saiful Islam, Officer-in-Charge of Shah Makhdum Police station said, a case has been filed in connection of rape of the child. He added police were trying to arrest the accused and to bring him under the rule of law.