Army works to enforce home quarantine, social distance

Members of armed forces were working to ensure maintenance of home quarantine and social distance among people of nine upazilas of Habiganj district. 

According to sources a petrol team of armed forces headed by Major Arif Uzzaman conducted operation at Chunarughat, Sayestaganj and Madhabpur upazila of Habiganj upazila from morning to noon on Saturday. Concerned Upazila Nirbahi Officers accompanied the armed forces team during this time.  

The armed forces members requested the local people at Uttar Bazaar of Chunarughat upazila through microphones to maintain social distance and to ensure home quarantine. Later on the team went to Durgapur Bazaar and requested the people to avoid mass contact, not to come out of their houses except for emergencies, using of masks and to be health conscious. 

Major Arif Uzzaman said,  members of armed forces were working in villages and towns of Habiganj to maintain social distance by people and to ensure home quarantine for the foreign returnees.