Army providing drinking water in Bandarban during drought

Published : 08 May 2023 08:56 PM

Due to the humanitarian initiative of Bangladesh Army in Bandarban area, people of Chimbuk and its surrounding areas are regularly getting drinking water and water for daily needs.

On Monday from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Bandarban Army Zone initiated a patrol team sent by the Army Zone to once again provide potable and external water to the people of Chimbuk and surrounding areas suffering from summer drought.

Bandarban Army Zone has adopted various term plans to ensure a permanent solution to water crisis despite regular provision of water.

Due to the current intense summer heat, there is a widespread water shortage in the plains as well as the hilly areas. Constantly the innocent people who do not give up in the life war of these hilly areas are struggling hard against the water. The Bangladesh Army immediately took notice of the matter. As a representative of Bandarban Army Zone in Chimbuk and its surrounding remote areas under Bandarban Army Zone, Major Mahmudul Hasan, Deputy Commander of Bandarban Army Zone, visited the affected neighborhoods on the ground and discussed with the local residents about solving the water crisis.

As the issue of water crisis has become complex, as a solution to this short-term plan, regular water bowsers and trailers will be provided to water-deprived neighborhoods. Also, measures will be taken to save more water by improving the quality of the water conservation systems that are available in the neighborhood. Also, as a way to solve this crisis, Bandarban Army Zone has taken the necessary measures to take long-term planning for the water drainage crisis of the neighborhoods after visiting and discussing about 16 neighborhoods. In this, measures will be taken to deal with all the difficulties raised in the discussion, including setting up houses for rainwater harvesting, providing neighborhood-based water pipes, setting up water tanks at appropriate designated places, installing advanced motors and submersible pumps for extracting water from deeper depths, the army said. The representative said.

Various public representatives and senior officers of Bandarban district have applauded these philanthropic activities of Bandarban Army Zone. It is also called the blessing of the creator by the benefited locals.