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Army Chief vows decisive action against crime in Bandarban

Published : 07 Apr 2024 10:57 PM
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In response to a surge of criminal activities, including high-profile bank robbery and abduction, General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed, Chief of Army Staff, announced on Sunday a comprehensive joint operation in Bandarban.

This initiative marks a significant escalation in efforts to maintain public safety, involving coordination among the Bangladesh Army, Police, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).

During a press briefing at the Bandarban Cantonment, General Ahmed disclosed, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed to take all necessary measures to ensure the security of our citizens. We are implementing both overt and covert strategies to achieve tangible results from this operation.”

The recent criminal spree has alarmed the local populace, prompting high-ranking military officials, including General Ahmed, to visit Bandarban. 

 Their presence aims to reassure the community in the aftermath of unsettling events.

A breakthrough came on Friday night when the operation led to the arrest of several armed suspects. The crackdown, according to General Ahmed, signals the military’s unwavering resolve against groups undermining regional stability. He particularly mentioned the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), a group previously engaged in peace negotiations.

“Despite our hopes for peace, the KNF reverted to criminal conduct,” he said.

“After being cornered last June, they appeared willing to negotiate. Unfortunately, their commitment to peace was superficial, as evidenced by their continued involvement in criminal acts,” he added.

In an earlier address to the troops, General Ahmed called for bravery and vigilance in combating crime, underscoring the importance of this mission to national security and public well-being.