Army chief hoists flag of Military Dental Centre

The flag hoisting ceremony of the newly formed Military Dental Center of the Bangladesh Army was held at Dhaka Cantonment on Sunday.

Chief of Army Staff General Aziz Ahmed was present as the chief guest. 

When he arrived at the venue, a contingent of Army Dental Corps paraded and saluted him. Later, the Army Chief officially hoisted the flag of the newly formed Military Dental Center. After hoisting the flag, the Chief of Army Staff delivered his speech.

At the beginning of his speech, General Aziz paid homage to Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman under whose single leadership our great freedom struggle was achieved.

He also paid tribute to all the heroic freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in the war of liberation in 1971. 

The Army Chief instructed the Military Dental Center to be ready to accept the highest sacrifices for any need of the motherland as well as to provide quality dental services by achieving the highest standards of professionalism.

Finally, the Chief of Army Staff thanked all concerned for displaying an orderly, pleasant and colorful parade on the occasion of hoisting the flag. It is mentionable that after the great independence, the journey of Army Dental Corps was started in 1972 with the determination and direct direction of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Under the guidance of the great leader, the Army Dental Core was started with four Dental Surgeons in newly independent Bangladesh. Later, due to lack of skilled manpower and administrative reasons, the military dental centers were amalgamated into  the dental wing of CMH.

In 2016, as part of the Forces Goal 2030 formulated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Army Dental Corps started its journey independently by establishing 23 military dental centers.

The flag of the Army Dental Corps was later approved under the direct direction of the Chief of Army Staff.

Following this, a flag hoisting ceremony was held at the Military Dental Center in the capital Dhaka. The event was organized under the overall management of the Headquarters Logistics Area. 

Senior Army personnel and Army personnel of various ranks also attended the program.