Arial Beel: largest wetland near Dhaka

BP Tourism Desk

Leaving the chaotic environment of the capital, if anybody wishes to pass a leisure time amidst the nature, listening to chirping of birds and feeling the soothing cool breeze blowing over a vast waterbody, there is no alternative to Arial Beel at Sreenagar in Munshiganj. 

The 136 square kilometers wetland is situated between Padma and Dhaleshwari River in the south of Dhaka.

The nature of the beel has not changed over the century; it remains with its unique diversity. It is contributing endlessly to the local economy as hundreds of people earn their livelihood from the beel through fishing as well as through farming when water recedes during the winter.

Notable, about 200 species of fish is available in the vast wetland that produces plenty of riceand grasses for cattle are produced in the wetland.The different kind of fishes of the wetland are incomparable in taste. 

The pleasant scenario of the afternoon will swung the travelers. Riding on the boat, travelers can enjoy the sunset. Yet the water of the beel is not too deep, still boats are common means of the transport there. 

Special attraction of the beel is a large-sized sweet pumpkin which is cultivated in winter throughout the whole beel. Besides, many small birds of different species roam around the beel during winter. 

On the way back from the Arial Beel, one can enjoy the beauty of  Shyamsiddhi Math. This ancient monastery, located in Shyamsundhatha village, on the west side of Srinagar Market was built in 1836 by Shambhu Nath Majumder. About 241 feet high, this structure is said to be five feet taller than Delhi's Qutub Minar. A large number of birds, including parrots and shalik, can also be seen there.

How to go

Arial Beel is not too far from Dhaka. It is around 35 kilometers away from the capital. Travelers can go there by bus from Gulistan to Srinagar Vizbazar. Bus fare will cost Taka 50 to Taka 70. 

From there, travelers will have to go Gadighat by auto rikshaw. Battery-operated rickshaws are available at Gadighat. Boats, traditional or with engines, can be hired for going round Arial Beel.