Archer Roman decides to quit national team

Published : 03 Mar 2024 09:28 PM

The Olympian archer of Bangladesh Roman Shana announced his retirement from national team out of anger and disappointment when the star archer has already sent a letter to the federation in this regard. 

General Secretary of Bangladesh Archery Federation (BAF) Kazi Razibuddin Ahmed Chapal confirmed it Bangladesh Post through phone yesterday (Sunday). 

Chapal, who is now in abroad, when talking to the this correspondent said – “Yes, I was informed. Now I am in abroad and have received a letter regarding Roman Sana’s retirement.” 

“It is his personal decision, I will back home this week (on March 7) and will talk to the technical committee and then would know everything,” Chapal said.

Roman Shana, gold medal winners in different international competitions, has decided not to represent the national team anymore.   

Chapol said, “Ruman Sana sent us a letter saying that he won’t represent the national team anymore over personal reasons.” 

“Actually, Roman Sana for many times verbally discussed and said us that he doesn’t want continue his international career before this letter before sending the letter. It's his personal decision.”

But Roman Shana, the Poster Boy of Bangladesh Archer, who earned his first international feat in 2014 with winning Gold medal in the First Asian Grand Prix 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand, told the Bangladesh Post that he took the decision out of huff. He said that he could easily play for ten more years but does not enjoy the game more and finds no hope to carry on.

Roman, with woefully expressed the reason of retirement, when he said, “I don’t enjoy more to play, have been playing for 14 years, how much.”

“It is very much regretful, to say that, you don’t know, my salary is only Taka three thousands, do thou think it? This is from this year but it was only Taka 15,00 before this year.”

“Actually, there are so many issues I don’t want to say.” 

“Actually, the response is very poor and the results are not evaluated properly.” 

“Now trying to do something with father to increase the income sources. Now I am an employee of Bangladesh Ansar. Here I am very happy and no complain about Ansar they are very much concerned about us.” “But that is very much awful not having any acknowledgment or greetings, what I didn’t give but from the government or private sectors there is no recognition, none care about to reward with something admirable,” Roman revealed replying to a query about the reason of retirement.  

 But you see, in India, the Indian archer, who win medals in the international circuit, they are specially treated by the government, as well by the private sectors”

“The Indian archer have their personal sponsors, government and private companies appointed them as high officials. And the archers also enjoy so many facilities. But what we get,” Roman expressed his disappointment.

Roman Shana, at his early stage of career, became the third Bangladeshi archer to win a gold medal in an international tournament after Sajjad Hossain and Emdadul Haque Milon as the archer from Bangladesh Ansar.  Roman won another gold medal in the International Archery Tournament 2017, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 

Roman became the first archer from Bangladesh to win a continental tournament in five years. 

Roman Shana, a man from Khulna, won gold in the men's singles recurve category at the 2019 Asia Cup in the Philippines.  

Roman won three international medal in 2019, he was also first one with winning a silver medal in the ISSF International Solidarity Archery Championships following the bronze in the  World Archery Championships later, Roman won a gold medal in the Asia Cup ranking tournament.

Meanwhile, Ruman has been going through poor form in recent times when he was handed a two-year suspension in 2022 over disciplinary reasons and the suspension was later reduced to six months. 

But Since his return from suspension due to disciplinary issues, Ruman was out of form and couldn’t make it into the final squad of Asia Cup Stage 1 held in Baghdad, Iraq last month.