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Apurbo-Mehazabien’s ‘Aporupa’

Published : 15 Feb 2020 05:46 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 01:23 PM

‘Aporupa’ is a drama in which Apurbo and Mehazabien have played the lead roles. The drama written and directed by Sanjoy Samaddar was supposed to be aired on Valentine’s Day, but for some reason it was not aired.

However, the drama is going to be aired within a few days, so has been ensured by Sanjoy Samaddar.

Regarding the drama Apurbo said, “I and Mehazabien acted in a number of dramas for Valentine’s Day. Out of which the originality and storyline of the drama ‘Aporupa’ seemed very appealing to me. To tell the truth, it is not fun to work in a drama if there isn’t variation in the storyline that is why I always try to work in dramas which are a bit different. In this drama Mehazabien also tried to portray her character superbly. I am hoping that the audience will be enthusiastic to watch the drama.”

Meanwhile, Mehazabien said, “My character in this drama is totally different. I had to undergo long makeup sessions to play my character properly. At this time I am trying to concentrate more on characters which are unconventional and not regularly seen by the audience. The audience will see this if the audience looks at my characters which I have played in recent times. My character in ‘Aporupa’ is also a different type of character. Once the drama gets aired the audience will understand what I am talking about.”