Apurba, Sabila’s ‘Abar Oghoton’ coming this Eid

Published : 30 Jun 2022 09:15 PM

Small screen popular actor Ziaul Faruq Apurba and actress Sabila Nur once again pair up for Shihab Shaheen’s upcoming drama titled ‘Abar Oghoton’, it’s a sequel of drama ‘Oghoton’ which was also made under CMV’s banner with the same team.

The drama will be released this Eid on the YouTube channel of CMV. Jointly written by Jannatul Firdous Labonno and the director himself. 

Recently, the shooting of the drama has been completed. The story of the drama will show actor Apurba as a man who creates awkward incidents everywhere while Sabila as a smart and intelligent girl. It revolves around the family life of the lead characters. Apart from that this time the drama will have one more new character. What is going to be the role of that character in the drama is yet to be known.

The story of the drama goes as Sabila marries Apurba even after knowing that he is an expert in making awkward incidents. After the marriage, the incidents started to take place more than in the past yet Sabila handles everything accordingly. However, the problem starts as they visit Sabila’s home where they meet Sabila’s ex and thus, the story continues.

The whole team of the drama ‘Abar Oghoton’ is hopeful about the success of the drama like the first one.