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Apurba, Payel’s drama for Valentine's Day

Published : 02 Feb 2022 08:17 PM

A bunch of dramas are being made on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Marking the occasion on February 14 preparations is underway to organise various events of this day as usual. 

Popular small-screen actor Ziaul Faruq Apurba and actress Keya Payel are coming with such a special play for the occasion titled ‘Urchhi Tomar Preme’. Written and directed by Jakaria Showkhin, this upcoming romantic drama has already created a buzz among the audience with the release of its promo recently.   

Regarding the context the director said, 'I am getting a huge response from the audience about the online drama. The play is being discussed in different groups. One of the reasons is the title song of the play. The song was liked by the audience. It is a drama of a completely romantic story.’

 “I am feeling good. This significant interest from the audience gives me peace of mind. In this drama, they will find me in a romantic mood, the way they usually love to see me. I hope the audience will not be disappointed”, said the actor.

Actress Payel said, “As a newcomer artiste, this drama is a huge opportunity for me to prove myself. I have tried my best to act well in it with the support of Ziaul Faruq Apurba and JakariaSowkhin”.

According to director JakariaShowkhin, the story is full of romanticism, fascination and also the feeling of love and separation.

Along with Apurba and Payel, the drama ‘UrchhiTomarPreme’ also features Abul Hayat, Shahed Ali Sujon, Bashar Bappy and Tahmina Sultana Mou, among others.

‘UrchhiTomarPreme’ will be released on the YouTube channel of Sultan Entertainment during Valentine’s Day on February 14.