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Apu turns businesswoman

Published : 10 Dec 2019 04:59 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 04:32 PM

Artiste Apu Biswas does not have any movie on hand at the moment. ‘Shoshurbari Zindabad 2’, starring her is awaiting release. Bappi Chowdhury is acting opposite her in it. This time, Apu has turned over a new leaf and became a business person. She has launched a new company titled ‘APJ Floor’. A stands for Apu and J stands for Joy here. And Apu wants to announce the meaning of the letter P a bit later. The journey of this new company of Apu began at a house in Block B of Road #3 in Niketon of the capital. APJ Floor was inaugurated just after dusk last Monday (December 9). Apu’s well-wishers were present on the occasion. The APJ Floor has a beauty parlor, photo studio, meeting and dance floor.

About this, she said, “Many boys and girls of this generation are getting involved in various activities on a regular basis, such as: photography, beautician and choreography. We have tried to create a work area with little financial gain for their benefit. We have everything organised here. Anyone can use them at a minimal cost. The floor will be considered a space for building oneself in a confident way. Let this company serve as a platform for young men and women.”

Apu arrived in the cinema arena in 2005 through acting in the movie ‘Kal Shokal’ directed by Amjad Hossain. Her debut film was with Shakib Khan in the film ‘Koti Takar Kabin’ directed by FI Manik .