Apu Biswas’s mother passes away

Shefali Biswas, the mother of actress Apu Biswas, is no more.

She died at the ICU of Lab Aid Hospital in the capital shortly after 1am on Thursday night (September 18).

Apu Biswas herself confirmed the matter. 

It is learned that Shefali Biswas was admitted to this private hospital in the capital after suffering a stroke recently. Doctors said that water had accumulated in her lungs.

Shefali Biswas was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital two days ago after her condition deteriorated.

Regarding hear mother’s death, Apu Biswas shared a status on her Facebook, “If my mother has ever hurt anyone, please forgive me. I am forever grateful to those who are consoling me with their status and messages on Facebook. Everyone please pray to the Creator for my mother.”

Meanwhile, Apal Biswas’ assistant Sajal said that Shefali Biswas’s body had been taken to Bogra. Her funeral will be held there.

Mentionable, Apu Biswas’ father’s name is Upendranath Biswas. The Upendranath Biswas-Shefali Biswas couple has three daughters and a son. Apu Biswas is the youngest of them all.