Apu Biswas in tears

Popular actress Apu Bishwas cried while dubbing for the film 'Priyo Komola'. In the film, she is playing the role of a strange woman. Apu Biswas said, the character is quite emotional. The dialogues are sensitive. So, tears rolled down her eyes while she was dubbing and saying dialogue.

Bappi Chowdhury has acted as the hero in the film. Apu Biswas came to the dubbing of Channel I's studio last Tuesday after finishing the work of shooting for 18 consecutive days.

Apu became quite emotional in dubbing. She said, “The story of the film is about heroines. There are some dialogues that cut the stain on the heart. I could not hold back my tears while saying those dialogues.”

The heroine has acted in about a hundred films in her career. She said that such incidents have happened in very few films. Apu Biswas further said, ‘I got the opportunity to do dubbing after doing forty films in my career. The name of the film is 'Balona Kabul'. I did dub after that film. I hope the viewers will like my new film.’

The film, produced by Impress Telefilm, will be released on December 16, the director said.

The director of the film, Shahriar Nazim Joy, said that the film is based on a love story in a village during 1971 war. When Bangabandhu's speech reached on March 7 in that village, I have highlighted how that love turned into a war and two sides were formed in the film 'Priyo Komola'. Besides, I have linked that incident with 2020 in this film. Hope everybody enjoys the movie.