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Applications for Teacher and student grant opens

Published : 23 Feb 2024 09:18 PM

Teachers and students at the Ministry of Education's various educational institutions will receive special government grants. On February 4, the online application process for this grant money opened. The deadline for applications is February 29. Applications received after the designated time will not be accepted. Teachers, students, and educational institutions will receive this money through the Nagad mobile banking service provider's account.

Recently, the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education published a notification in this regard. According to the notification, this money will be given from the revenue budget for the fiscal year 2023–24 from the secondary and higher education departments of the Ministry of Education. Various schools and colleges under the department, students, teachers, and employees will get this money. Educational institutions, teachers, students, and employees have to apply to get the grant money according to the policy for the distribution of grant money (Revised Policy for Grants to Educational Institutions, Teachers, Staff, and Students, 2020).

According to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, grants can be applied for the repair and renovation of all recognized private educational institutions in the country, the procurement of furniture, the purchase of sports equipment, the setting up of libraries, and making the institution friendly to disabled students. However, educational institutions with good quality education in backward areas will be given priority in selection.

 Teachers and employees of private general educational institutions (MPO and non-MPO) can apply for grants for incurable diseases or natural accidents.

Students of government or private educational institutions (MPO and non-MPO) can apply for medical expenses incurred for treatment of chronic diseases, natural accidents, and education. In providing this grant, the poor, disabled, helpless, diseased, indigent, and meritorious students from backward areas will get priority.

How to Apply for Grants

Heads, teachers, staff, or students of various educational institutions have to apply online from the website of the Secondary and Higher Education Department ( between February 4 and 29 to get the grant money. It has been asked to apply online by clicking on the button 'Financial grant application form for educational institutions, teachers, staff, and students'.

School-college students have to provide their birth certificate number to get the grant. Along with the application, the certificates of the head of the institution and the head of the department of the students of the university should be attached.

In the case of an application in the teacher-employee category, the application should be attached with the national identity card number, all medical treatment certificates, and proof of a natural accident. And in the case of grant applications for educational institutions, the certification of the managing committee or governing body regarding the need for the grant must be attached. In cases of disability, a disability certificate issued by a social welfare officer should be attached.

Allotment money for teacher-staff and student grants will be sent through the mobile banking service provider's bank account. Therefore, the personal mobile number should be given where cash transactions are active. However, an agent number or merchant number will not be accepted. In the case of educational institutions, the allocated money will be sent to the institution's own bank account. Bank account information should be filled out properly while applying online. A PDF copy of a check page from the MICR check book should be attached as proof. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the application.