Aparna, Sajal in James

For a very long time Abdun Noor Sajal and Aparna Ghosh have been working as popular artists in the industry and have become well renowned by playing self challenging roles in various projects. However, this time these two will be seen working opposite to each other in a tele-drama titled ‘James’.

Written by Humaira Akhter, Touhid Bappi and Shuvo Raihan, it is being directed and screenplay written by Shuvo Raihan. The shooting of the drama has already been concluded. 

The story tells the tale of a hired assassin named Jamshed Mirza AKA James played by Sajal. During a failed operation where his accomplice and friend Hashem is hit by a gunshot James takes him to a hospital where he meets Jayita, a nurse played by Aparna and falls for her.

The drama takes a twist when James finds out that Jayita is a widow and her husband was killed by none other than James himself. Regarding the drama Sajal said, “The story of James is very good. I loved working in the teledrama.”

According to Aparana, “Shuvo has produced a great teledrama with a unique plot. I am very awed with the endeavour and hopeful about the drama.”